FAQs - Installation and removal

Q. Can I get someone to install the wallpaper at my home or office or workplace?
A. Yes If you are in Delhi/NCR, we will install the wallpapers with very reasonable charges. Elsewhere, in most of the major towns in India, other wallpaper dealers who are proficient in installation of wallpapers can help you with installation.

Q. The surface of my wall is not flat. Can I still put wallpaper on it?
A. No. The wallpaper may not disguise the uneven surface. Worse, it might not stick properly. We recommend you call in a specialist. For any assistance, call at +91 8130701124.

Q. I got my walls painted recently. How long should I wait before installing wallpaper?
A. Usually one has to wait about a week before installing wallpapers over freshly painted surface.

Q. Will the wallpaper leave a sticky residue on the wall after removal?
A. No. Our products are not known to leave traces. However, in exceptional circumstances you might find some reside which can be easily wiped off with a damp sponge.

Q. Should I use additional paste on the back of wallpaper?
A. No. The adhesives we use are strong enough to hold it together for long.